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Eh... what should i put here?

hi, i'm a weirdo, pleased to meet you. uh... i have, like, some years old and hm, i love with all my heart someone that is very important to me and i think it's it.

i'll be here every step

walking between the raindrops with you
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Breathtaking views show the stars, Milky Way, airglow, and light pollution over New Zealand skies.

"Here are images I captured during last months from New Zealand. Great country to catch colors of airglow almost everywhere…" - Petr Horálek

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I blame that one paradox space comic that Hussie wrote for these…

these are great. you’re great.

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This happened near Yonge and Dundas square today after shopping to me and Shazz

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I love your art! It’s adorable! Could you draw Rosemary please? (Rose and Kanaya)

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you need to get on with the times, ellie

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that meme from like a month ago
which I didnt actually use as a refrence so I dont have a link back to it, but you probably already know what one that is ANYWAYS